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South Africa:

Orders delivered by courier within 3-5 days of payment to your door, subject to correct address details and postal code and payment received.

Deliveries outside South Africa:

Courier costs vary greatly from region to region.  Every effort will be made to get your order to you as quickly and cost effectively as possible but it is necessary to supply and get acceptance of a courier and insurance quote before dispatch. 

Please complete the form below to facilitate the supply of a quote before dispatch including a valid postal code.  We will then revert with a quotation to obtain your agreement and dispatch your order on receipt of agreed payment.

Order Details

Delivery Contact and Address:
Contact Name:                               Company Name:
Exact Street Address:
Town/City:                              Country:                   Postal Code:    

Thank you for your order.   For orders in South Africa we will confirm date of dispatch and supply a tracking number.  For orders outside South Africa we will provide a courier and insurance quote for your approval and then dispatch and provide a tracking number. 

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