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Peter Badcock

Peter Badcock is a Southern African, conceived in the Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and born in Pretoria in 1949.  He grew up and was educated in the Colony of Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia before its transition to Zimbabwe.  In 1978, Peter cut short a career in public relations and advertising to produce his first book, Shadows of War.  By then a Territorial Officer in the Rhodesian Security Forces he followed this with Faces of War in 1980 before leaving Zimbabwe for South West Africa (Namibia), to write and draw his third book, Images of War, published in 1981.  Peter subsequently practiced internationally as a development specialist and researcher in education, HIV management, information systems and policy but has remained first and foremost an artist and writer.

Author and illustrator of six best-selling books to date, A War Artist’s Diary brings together and consolidates Shadows, Faces and Images of War and is his seventh book, with several more in a quite different vein on the way. Peter lives with his wife Toni in the mountainous Eastern Highlands of South Africa’s Free State where he writes, draws and paints – and grows grapes with very limited success.

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